September 2004 was a milestone for Dead Mile Dance. It marked the band's 5-year anniversary. The band was born in October of 1999 when its members decided to capitalize on their 100+ cumulative years of performance experience.

DMD plays a popular mix of classic rock anthems and standards from artists such as the Eagles, Stones, Beatles, Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, & Skynard as well as many other great groups you instantly recognize.

Arrangements are being made for the band to record an extended play original album after debuting some of the tunes at random gigs.

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But most of all, welcome! Hope to see you at an upcoming show.


Jimmy Miller: Bass, Vocals bio
Brian McFarland:
Steve Harris:
Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Vocals
Tom Strand:
Electric/Slide Guitar, Vocals


Tommy "Gun" Strand - Guitar - Vocals. Jimmy give  him the nickname, we thought pea shooter would have been better. As you can see he likes to doze off during gigs.Steve "Bad Lt." Harris - Guitar - Mouth Organ. You know the standard jokes about that. He likes to holler at us, which is okay, we never listen.Brian "Groovus" McFarland - Drums - Percussion. Ever wonder why two heads are better than one. He could tell you the answer.Jim "The Killer" Miller - Bass Guitar - Vocals. Jim is a dick but everyone likes him anyway. We